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A humanitarian mission
There is some great news that has just come in from which indicates the charity work that is being done by Cydcor. The Cydcor Community service has been very active in helping the people that suffered the terrible events in Haiti. As a company, Cydcor has made it one of their core objectives that they will support initiatives that they will support local initiatives that improve the lives of people. They are one of the well known companies that deal in outsourced sales functions. They have been able to donate up to twenty five boxes. This has been achieved through the missionary group that is affiliated with the organization.

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Some of the things that they have been doing for this charitable cause include the provision of basic clothing and first aid to the people that survived the earthquake. The organization has also been closely associated with the work of the Haiti Gospel Mission in order to improve the lives of the local community. There is Cydcor Company profile where you can find out about some of the initiatives that they have been involved in. You can always join our fundraising efforts by making your own contribution to the kit.

The relationship with the Haiti Gospel Mission came about when one of the Cydcor associates introduced the parties. This is an organization that works within the community in Haiti but when the time came for emergency help, they were there to help. There is a FaceBook page which indicates some of the associates that have been involved in the initiative so far. This is all about helping people that have faced the ravages of a very significant natural disaster. Cydcor determined to help with the resettlement of people, and will go beyond just emergency help but also some charitable work for sustainable projects within the community.

The work with the Gospel mission is not going to end here. The Cydcor group intends to continue bringing the donations in through various contacts. Cydcor works in many diverse industries such as office products, finance, telecommunications and energy. Further, Cydcor work with people that have independent but licensed organizations that need sales representatives. In North America alone, Cydcor have been able to establish two hundred offices.

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