HSBC Semi-Annual Report

The Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank (HSBC) issues semi-annual report (year 2009) in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The report shows that demonstrated that HSBC the net profit drops 19.5% in the first half of the year, is 22,295,000,000 HK dollars.

HSBC trading profit drops 7.5% in the first half of the year, to 58,825,000,000 HK dollars; before the tax, the profit falls 20.1%, to 30,580,000,000 HK dollars. This line of average net assets returns ratio is 22.3%. The total assets raises 2.9%, amounts to 43,850 hundred million HK dollars.

HSBC’s directors – Mr. Zheng Haiquan indicated that even if facing each kind of periphery challenge, HSBC in 2009 the first half of the year’s Asian service may say that is successful, moreover makes the progress, had irrevocably proven its multiplication covers the region widespread mechanics of banking pattern alone superiority. HSBC group’s bank and the capital market service performance ideal round the world, the mortgage and the card service obtains the growth, but the customer’s deposit also rose 9.4%, amounts to 28,170 hundred million HK dollars, reflects the depositor to the HSBC brand trust. At the beginning of the year, Malaysia Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank merges the group, if middle does not include the benefit which produces, the customer’s deposit rise also achieves 5.8%.

Director Zheng indicated that in the China, HSBC continues maintains the leading foreign bank the status, altogether additionally built eight mesh points in the first half of this year, makes the entire Internet (including five between villages and small towns banks) not to expand to 87 take Huifeng as the brand mesh point, spreads 20 cities. In 2009 the first half of the year, HSBC becomes to distribute the foreign RMB bond the foreign bank, is also first provides the RMB settlement service for the interstate trade the bank.

In addition, the HSBC group obtains the Chinese government authorization with to gather the capital in inland being established to occupy half stockholder’s rights respectively the joint capital insurance company, the new company is decided third quarter of 2009 starts doing business. HSBC will begin using in the second half of the year in China’s new headquarters in 2009 in Shanghai. The group service aspect, HSBC will continue with the Shanghai regulatory authority to discuss the HSBC holding stock closely in the Shanghai stock market going on the market plan.

HSBC controls stock (00005.HK) to issue in 2009 today in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange the semi-annual reporting. The semi-annual reporting demonstrated that stops the intermediate stage achievement by the end of June 2009, the shareholder should account for excess profit 3,347,000,000 US dollars (approximately 25,949,000,000 HK dollars), 08 year same time’s 7,722,000,000 US dollars back up 56.66%, each stock gains 21 cents, the propose sending in the second quarter dividend each 8 cents; In the time the net interest income falls 3.02% to 20,538,000,000 US dollars.

Before this, the market universal forecast collects controls the intermediate stage profit to fall yearly 38 to 70%, to lies between 2,340,000,000 US dollars to 4,800,000,000 US dollars. HSBC controls stock announces, stops the intermediate stage achievement by the end of June, 2009, in the time loans the depreciation and other credit risk preparation is 13,931,000,000 US dollars, in 2008 in the first half of the year increases 3,873,000,000 US dollars or 38.51%. Stops by 09 year at the end of June, group’s first level of capital ratio and the total capital ratio maintain strongly, respectively is 10.1% and 13.4%; 12.1% dropped to 6.4% as for the average shareholder total equity repayment by the end of last June.

HSBC Semi-Annual Report
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