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Due to price is higher than the nearby commercial housing and the home-buyer does not have the right of inheritance, this city over a thousand sets buy after. Regarding this, this city related department responds said when the fixed price is high constructs meets the building materials to rise in prices and so on factors, but this batch of room are impossible to reduce prices.

The local official acknowledged that because the local medium income social stratum accommodation basic solution, possibly withdraws from the stage center after the suitable room. Expert had reflected that Shijiazhuang promotes this year first batch after the suitable room, over a thousand sets of bitter experiences abandon buy. Expert pointed out that surpasses the national stipulation after the suitable room profit 3%, causes the fixed price super elevation.

The local related department responds said that although development enterprise for its subordinate enterprise, but this batch after suitable room price sensibly, also has not discovered the false report phenomenon, therefore is impossible to reduce prices. This year first batch meets coldly after suitable Shijiazhuang promotes this year first batch after the suitable room, suffers abandons buys the crisis.

According to expert introduced that this city first batch after the suitable branch is two estates, respectively be peaceful park two issue and Nanling plot, located at this city urban district most side on. Others said that beginning the peaceful park two issues and the Nanling plot, the altogether more than 3000 sets of housing, Shanghai buys already the dew weak sign.

Two plot even prices decide as 2680 Yuan/square meters, part of estates have even amounted to 2800 Yuan/square meters, only compared to neighbor ordinary commercial housing low 200 Yuan to 400 Yuan, the peaceful park two issues supply 2389 anterooms publicly, only then 1070 household Shanghai bought, arranges the number to elect Fang Zheyou to be short 333 households. Nanling plot Shen Gouzhe reflected that also has abandons buys.

This batch are referred to after the suitable room profit exceeding the allowed figure pointed out that “Shi Jiazhai Character (2009) Economy is suitable home price instrument of ratification” according to the Shijiazhuang Price Bureau, the peaceful park two issue of volume fractions are 2.5, the soil-rent value according to 1,500,000/Chinese acres, the financial cost according to 6% annual interest rate computation, the government charge part calculated according to 100 Yuan/square meters, its item cost approximately is: Land cost 900 Yuan/square meters, Jianan cost 1000 Yuan/square meters, in addition expenses and so on earlier period design, reconnaissance, project total cost approximately 2280 Yuan/square meters.

But present’s selling price is 2680 Yuan/square meters, the project profit margin is 17.5%. Stipulated according to the country, developer when development after suitable room, the profit do not surpass 3%. Except the last year building materials price high factor, the present profit was still a suspect to exceed the allowed figure.

But in May, this city real estate department’s data demonstrated that multi-layered commercial housing even price 3117 Yuan, after suitable room even price 2116 Yuan. Contrasts the above price, expert believed that the Department concerned is in “hits after the suitable room advertisement, sells the commercial housing the price.” expert disclosed that peaceful park two phase of development enterprise – Shijiazhuang lives in contentment the property development management limited company, is this city housing safeguard and the real estate administrative bureau subordinate enterprise, such “the fathers and sons relations” possibly pushed the high house price.

Expert said that buying homes contract provision: The vendee is suitable the room to this set of economies to have the limited property right, do not carry on the hiring management. Such suitable room price has been too economical to the developer. Although, Nanling plot developer by no means housing administration bureau subordinate enterprise, but because the price is too high, this plot Shen Gouzhe and peaceful park two issue of Shen Gouzhe the abatement claim, and requests to be clear about the property right question.

The Pricing department calls the price superior commercial housing. However, the local related department believed that above after the suitable room fixed price, the ratio is close to the commercial housing to have the price superiority. Shijiazhuang Price Bureau management charge place Department Head provides on July 25 the refresh data demonstrated that is apart from the peaceful park two contract 300 meter estate prices respectively is: Bright sun blue city present room 3700 Yuan/square meters, Phoenix forward delivery housing 4200 Yuan/square meters. Sun Kexin said that when the Pricing department initially fixed a price, the reference constructing housing cost is a standard, but non-peripheral commercial housing price.

The Shijiazhuang Price Bureau cost investigation team shows An Yuan two issue of constructing housing cost audit report showed that the peaceful park plot B area housing cost (including tax) is not each square meter 2348.59 Yuan, the C area housing cost (does not contain tax) is each square meter 2473.77 Yuan. Shen Gouzhe believed that if by this computation, the B area and the C area housing profit also surpasses 13%.

The real estate management department acknowledged that the fixed price is high According to the local media reported that in June, this city commercial housing even price 3300 Yuan, but reporter not yet obtains this menstruation suitable Fang Junjia. Regarding this, the Shijiazhuang housing safeguard and real estate administrative bureau Assistant Commissioner Xiao Xiangbao acknowledged that this time promoted was formerly higher than after the suitable room fixed price, “the volume fraction was low, the building materials cost rise, was the fixed price high principal factor”.

Expert acknowledged that the peaceful park two phase of development enterprises are firmly in the bureau the subordinate enterprise, “, but I may say responsible, this project has implemented the public tender, if has the evidence to demonstrate that some people increase the cost intentionally, we will pursue the responsibility severely.”

Moreover, regarding the limited property right view, expert explained that Shijiazhuang rented the housing and the economy inexpensively is suitable the housing administrative center to explain said that limited property right i.e., if after obtaining the house property right, might transfer immediately, only want passed through the government price department to handle jointly with the real estate management department fixed price, sold for tallies after the suitable room purchase condition family.

Expert said that after 2007, Shijiazhuang fulfils exactly these stipulations, the contract has not indicated the house-owner to have the right of inheritance, has the negligence truly. On July 27, the Shijiazhuang Audit bureau manages in the construction mouth to indicate specially appointed that the Hebei Province audit hall is reexamining this batch after the suitable room construction cost, “the result has not come out”.

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