Experience and Expertise

At PC Associates, your project is in good hands, and you can feel good about spending money knowing that you’ll be saving hundreds, if not thousands of dollars that would be lost to unnecessary and careless mistakes.

Regardless of what constructability journey you are considering embarking on, PC can help you to make sure that mistakes are kept out of the equation, so your project can move forward as planned without any unexpected and unwanted surprises.

With a wide range of services, a diverse and experienced team of professionals, and a guarantee that you will save a minimum of three times the cost of the hiring fee charged in change order alone, the choice to work in collaboration with PC Associates has never been more clear.

Clients that have chosen to work with PC Associates have reported savings of as much as 30 times the amount they pay to PC, not to mention the fact that both time and frustration are being spared in no small quantity.

With testimonials attesting to the amazing work that PC has done from schools to construction and property companies, clients who have chosen the PC team to help them have been thrilled with the results and the time and money saved in enlisting a plan check team.

Plan review services like PC Associates building plan review can be added to any project to enhance, hasten, and improve any project, thanks to the professional team of veteran experts that PC Associates boats.

Airports, apartments, educational facilities, hospitals, government buildings, recreational centers, offices, libraries, and so many more are among the projects that PC Associates is equipped for, and there isn’t a challenge too great for this squadron of pros.

The PC team on your case means that everything that would otherwise be skimmed through by an architect or one of his or her inexperienced, overworked subalterns, will now be perused by a reputable and long-standing veteran with years of experience and expertise in that specific field. For example, PC’s team will have specialists who are highly adept in all affairs pertaining to architecture, civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering, plumbing, landscaping, and more. Divvying up your project into respective sections which will be attended to and checked time and again is how PC Associates assures that there are few or no mistakes and discrepancies throughout the duration of your project.

Since 1990, PC Associates has been conducting reviews of the utmost thoroughness for clients in both the public and private spheres, searching high and low for omissions, possible threats to slow your project, and most commonly, discrepancies in document doubles that can be responsible for those pesky order delays.

Some of the work PC Associates does for you includes constructability and coordination checks. What some people aren’t aware of is that architects or designers may not realize that there is a physical impossibility in the project—that it can’t be constructed as it appears in the blueprints because it simply isn’t possible. Constructability and coordination attend to simple matters like these, checking to ensure that everyone is showing matching features in the same places, and that spatially, everything fits without two items in the same competing space.

PC Associates’ team will also work to not only make your structure compliant with all of the minimum requirements demanded by the government, but to make it as safe as it can possibly be. These services include checking fire and life safety, handicap accessibility, and environmental friendliness and sustainability, to name a few.

Wherever you are, and whatever your dream structure may look like, PC Associates can help you get there quickly, affordably, and stress-free.

Experience and Expertise
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